Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Taking a Cue From Vintage

As you know by now, I am smitten with any jewelry that has a vintage feel to it. While I love the "estate" type jewelry -- you know, platinum and stones, lots of openwork and detail -- I really love the stuff from the 30s and 40s. It was chunkier, bold and oftentimes, quite colorful. When I saw these red glass beads the other day I went wonky. They looked as if they could have stepped right out of the 40s. So, I used a wire wrapping technique with them and then strung a few Czech and Japanese glass beads with them to get a layered look in one bracelet.

I put it on the other day and layered a few 14k linked chains I have and what a cute look. I like it because it makes a statement, but unlike many of my other pieces that are really BOLD, this one is lighter so it makes a quiet statement. I just love designing and creating jewelry -- it's always interesting to see what the end result will be with every piece. No two ever look the same.