Thursday, November 14, 2013

Street Style c.1965 It’s Throwback Thursday

Capturing Street Style isn’t really all that new of an idea. It’s true, we were doing it way back when – this pix from 1965 taken on the streets of Los Angeles is definite proof. (I wish the quality was better -- my facial expression is a bit strange.) Of course, it definitely wasn’t a candid shot; but then today I wonder what percentage of “street style” shots are really candid. With the exception of the style captured by the magical Bill Cunningham, I have a stinking suspicion that most street style captures are styled to the max. Maybe some of you fashion bloggers can bring me into this century and tell me I am wrong. By now you know that I lived for many years in New York City – one of the things I miss about living there is the constant exposure to a diverse world of style.

Monday, November 11, 2013

“Dear, don’t you think you are wearing too many bracelets?”

Dragonfly Czech Vintage Button &
Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Thank the gods, those are words you will never hear again – and if you do, cover your ears and pretend you don’t hear them! I’m the first to say that there is something powerfully pleasing about a stack of bracelets dancing on your wrist. These days, in the vast jewelry arena, you know there are lots and lots and lots from which to choose.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Friendship Bracelets – All Grown Up

So much talk of macramé and friendship bracelets in fashion these days…and I am loving it. While regular followers know by now, I just need to tell all you new peeps that my jewelry roots are in macramé and beads. Yes, indeed, I started making and selling jewelry in 1967 in Southern California – height of the hippie and bohemian era. While I was what I would call a beach kid – my knotted and beaded cording designs fit the bill for all factions during the early years.