Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thinking of Green Today

Spring is almost here -- if not outside, then here in the jewelry studio. This green aventurine necklace gives me hope that soon we will be seeing green all around. This necklace is bold -- the clear crystal quartz really shines. I've layered my necklace here with a linked necklace from my personal collection, just because I can. Thought it would inspire all of you to do the same. You know me -- I always say, the more the merrier. While it's still a necklace, this prehnite beauty has a much different feel than the aventurine. The green of prehnite is so soft and the style is a little less bold. Just beautiful...I think. If you click on the images you'll get a bigger view that shows you all the details. See, pretty, huh? Check out all the new pieces at my site.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Edge on Spectator

I just had a thought -- the first one is several days actually. We all know how "hip" the spectator look is -- it's become a hip classic, in fact. While I am the first one to say that the black and white combo is sharp (sharp, I think I used that word in high school -- many, many, many, many years ago, why can I remember such things now?), I have to admit, that I am loving the clear and black quartz crystal look. I have been wearing a similar piece to these -- one that actually incorporates the black and clear quartz together in one necklace -- for the last few days, and I am loving how current it looks. The faceted cut of these crystals is really stunning -- the light bounces off in all directions and can be blinding. Just don't look at it while you are driving -- well, if you were looking at it while you were driving that would mean that you are looking in the mirror not at the road. Never a good idea when the car is moving -- at the stoplight...perfectly acceptable. Check out my site for other styles using these quartz beads -- oh so lovely to look at.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Strawberries and Cream, Please?

Whenever I see rhodocrosite it just makes me happy. There is something about the peachy-pink color of the stone that gets to me. And, you know me...I am in no way pinky-girly-girl. But I do love this stone. What's even stranger is that I love the gemstones that have some opacity to them -- stones that if you look at closely you can see the more transparent veins running through them; but they are by no means totally clear. You won't find rhodocrosite used much in jewelry -- one because it is hard to find; and two is that, when you do find it, most times it is over-the-top expensive. However, I have seen pieces designed by Jay King (Mine Fines) and Carolyn Pollack (Sincerely Southwest) that incorporated small nuggets and cabs which are beautiful. So when I found these big bold heishe-type stones in Tucson, I went bonkers and bought all they had! Here are the first pieces out of the studio -- they have my definitive look - opaque stones mixed with highly faceted glass beads of varying shapes. There are bracelets too at my Web site so pop on over there and check them out. If you click on the image here you'll get a good close up view of the stones -- sigh.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Voila! From This to This!

Yes, that is a big ol' hunk of crystal outside one of the venues at the Tuscon Gem Fair. Quartz, I believe. While I didn't bring this particular specimen home with me, I did bring home some outstanding quartz stones in some unusual shapes. Not to veer too far off the track, but why does the word "specimen" always make me think of urine and medical labs? Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. The necklace here just came off the work table and is really lovely in it's simplicity. A bit of the contemporary "downtown" flair -- and when the light hits the varying facets on the crystal quartz stones it's blinding.

So get out the shades and be prepared for lots of attention! And, just for the record, crystal quartz is often referred to as rock quartz. Whichever word you use, it's just lovely. Hey didn't Shakespeare have some line like that in Romeo and Juliet? You know..."a rose by any other name would be as beautiful" or something like that. That Willy sure knew how to make a woman swoon. Can you tell I've had a bit too much sugar tonight -- I can't seem to keep a linear thought?