Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Voila! From This to This!

Yes, that is a big ol' hunk of crystal outside one of the venues at the Tuscon Gem Fair. Quartz, I believe. While I didn't bring this particular specimen home with me, I did bring home some outstanding quartz stones in some unusual shapes. Not to veer too far off the track, but why does the word "specimen" always make me think of urine and medical labs? Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. The necklace here just came off the work table and is really lovely in it's simplicity. A bit of the contemporary "downtown" flair -- and when the light hits the varying facets on the crystal quartz stones it's blinding.

So get out the shades and be prepared for lots of attention! And, just for the record, crystal quartz is often referred to as rock quartz. Whichever word you use, it's just lovely. Hey didn't Shakespeare have some line like that in Romeo and Juliet? You know..."a rose by any other name would be as beautiful" or something like that. That Willy sure knew how to make a woman swoon. Can you tell I've had a bit too much sugar tonight -- I can't seem to keep a linear thought?