Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Inspiration: Spring, Longer Days & Invitations

I know that it’s on its way. Spring, that is. While we had hints of it a few weeks back these last few days we are back to rain, clouds and lots of wind. Funny, I do love the change of seasons; however, the winters in this part of the country just seem to drag on for some reason. I shouldn’t really complain, this year we squeaked through without snow or ice unlike many parts of the country. The no snow and ice thing was a really nice change from the norm here. During our spring tease I had a gigantic case of spring fever. The longer warmer sunnier days were so tranquil and the cute little bench in my garden was so inviting.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Pantone Spring 2015: Scuba Blue

Turquoise by any other name, including Pantone’s Scuba Blue, is still just turquoise right? Clearly, a lovely choice for the Spring 2015 Fashion Forecast and always a favorite of lots of people. I have long been a fan of the color turquoise, little known fact about me – the walls in my bedroom as a kid at one time were the most soothing shade of turq. Yes – with frilly white curtains and comfy white bedding. Think St. Lucia and you’ll get the idea. That being said, one would think that my closet would be overflowing with clothes in various shades of the color. Wrong – I have never really felt comfortable wearing articles of clothing from the turquoise family.