Friday, August 27, 2010

R.J. Graziano Cozies Up

Yes, it's true, I do shop at both HSN and QVC (gasp!); mostly for items for the house, oh and okay, an occasional piece of jewelry. (Occasional...interesting word choice...thank goodness there is no lightening today.) While, of late, both venues have been offering a lot of "disposable jewelry;" however, if you're astute and really keep your eyes and ears open you can find some interesting and well-made items interspersed throughout.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stack of Starfish

It's hard to believe but we are fast approaching the end of summer. While I am excited about the fall, which I think may be a throwback to back to clothes, new shoes...oh, and new things to learn, I am always a bit sad to see the long days of summer disappear. As a reminder of the beach, the sun and the new boys (maybe?) many of you have asked for more starfish bracelets like the one featured in "The Jewel Box" section of the summer issue of Gladys Magazine.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Things Come in Threes

You know the old saying about "things coming in threes." -- well here is a perfect example of three very good things that all came together in the studio this weekend. While I bought the gemstone rectangle cushion cut beads in Tucson 2009 (yes, 2009) the strands have been hanging on my inspiration board ever since; just waiting for something to pop to mind that wasn't ordinary and did them justice.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Era of Disposable Jewelry?

I was "shopping" with my niece last night and we were both amazed at the quantity of what we call "disposable" jewelry flooding the market these days. From what we saw, it seems that if you can make it and sell it for less than $5.00 wholesale, it'll be on the racks at stores and on shopping channels across the country and around the world for $19.95. Now, you all know that I like fun jewelry -- and I frequently bought from street vendors while I lived in NYC.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Flourite & Aquamarine...Dive Right In

Okay, I was so inspired by the kyanite necklace (see my July 26th post) that I just had to work up a design with the fabulous flourite beads I got in Tucson. Since they are so big, I thought that they would be stunning in my signature five-strand necklace.