Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Things Come in Threes

You know the old saying about "things coming in threes." -- well here is a perfect example of three very good things that all came together in the studio this weekend. While I bought the gemstone rectangle cushion cut beads in Tucson 2009 (yes, 2009) the strands have been hanging on my inspiration board ever since; just waiting for something to pop to mind that wasn't ordinary and did them justice.

The bead style itself is not that uncommon; and it seems that whenever I see it used, it is always in a predictable way. Saturday I had a flash of design genius...well, okay maybe not genius...brilliance? Nah. Anyhow, this is the result of that particular brain activity. Three cuff like bracelets -- three strands of beautiful stones and fabulous Czech glass. Top is brioche agate, which I had not seen before Tucson 2009 and haven't seen since. Middle is amazonite so soft and lovely and the bottom is bronzite. They are not really cuffs, since they are flexible and clasp around the back. I did the official wear-test on Sunday -- just love them and so did Beatrix. Are we being smug?