Sunday, August 01, 2010

Flourite & Aquamarine...Dive Right In

Okay, I was so inspired by the kyanite necklace (see my July 26th post) that I just had to work up a design with the fabulous flourite beads I got in Tucson. Since they are so big, I thought that they would be stunning in my signature five-strand necklace.

Flourite comes in a variety of colors -- and I have to say that the blue-green range is my favorite. Mixed here with aquamarine nuggets and faceted sparkly glass beads -- the BIG flourite pieces just sing. Since the color reminds me of the sea, I added Czech glass pearls in ivory and some magnificent Czech glass "sea glass," which looks exactly like the real thing. And, of course, the unexpected -- bits of silver-grey Czech glass pearls change it up a bit and finish the entire look. This necklace feels divine around the neck -- as you know I weartest every piece and so yesterday I was wearing it with my khaki shorts and t-shirt. Oh and I had a new Kazuri piece around my wrist! People in my neighborhood must think I'm nuts -- as I am always dolled up in jewelry -- maybe I am a bit kooky -- but in a good way, right?