Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dad's Day & the Moments

Time flies…I know, an old saying but still rings true. Here we are at another Father's Day so it’s not unusual that I am thinking about my dad and how integral a part he played in me becoming the person I am today. Corny, I know…but if you’ve followed any of my blog over the years you’ll know that there are several posts in which I talk about his talents and how I was lucky enough to share many with him.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yes…I am 64! Vent or Rant?

Why oh why do I let people’s comments bug me so much? This morning while scrolling through my twitter feed, I came across this little tweet “How good does [famous person] look at 60? Stunning!” At what point in time are people going to stop using an age qualifier in a comment in a description of a female? Isn’t it enough to say she looks great or she is really fit – I say it’s time to drop the “for her age” and “she is 60” silliness.