Friday, August 27, 2010

R.J. Graziano Cozies Up

Yes, it's true, I do shop at both HSN and QVC (gasp!); mostly for items for the house, oh and okay, an occasional piece of jewelry. (Occasional...interesting word choice...thank goodness there is no lightening today.) While, of late, both venues have been offering a lot of "disposable jewelry;" however, if you're astute and really keep your eyes and ears open you can find some interesting and well-made items interspersed throughout.

I say "ears" open because I mostly listen to the jewelry shows while working in the studio. Well, last week a stack of bangle bracelets caught my attention early on in the day...and there was R.J. haunting me again and again until I finally cracked in the late afternoon and in the blink of an eye I found myself ordering online. Weakling, I know, but I just couldn't take the pressure any longer. Well, The bracelets arrived today -- R.J. Graziano set of 15 in antique bronze. As soon as they were out of the box, I was rummaging through my existing collection to see how I could toss them up with my own designs. You know me -- seems I never just wear something the way the designer intended. But that's what makes it fun. That's what makes it personal, that's what makes it me. Here are just a few combos that I worked out. It's my hope that you play with your jewelry all the time. Just because you saw it styled this way doesn't mean you have to do the same thing -- go out on a limb, step out of your comfort zone a bit and just mix it up and have a grand time of it. Fashion, including jewelry, is meant to be fun. So please have a kick with yours, which I hope includes some of mine. Make sense?