Monday, July 26, 2010

Kyanite -- Wowser, Wowser & Wowser

Yes, wowser -- if you've seen kyanite, then you understand my choice of words. I know, not a very dignified word for such a dignified gemstone; but it is what pops to mind when I see kyanite of this quality. High on my list of favs -- there is something rather mystical about this gemstone.

The overall blue-green color is magnificent; and the underlying flashes of silver and shimmering blue-green are mesmerizing. Here's the idea -- close your eyes and think of the Caribbean ocean and just below the surface the sunlight catches the shimmer of the schools of angel fish that flash this way and that. That's kyanite. Well, I guess you need to keep your eyes open long enough to read the sentence above; but once you do, close those peepers and conjure up just that image. That's kyanite! Partnered with the clearest of crystal quartz (aka rock crystal) and creamy soft white baroque freshwater pearls, the kyanite really shows its stuff. Add a few speciality cut faceted Czech glass beads and you've got a real beauty around your neck. Warning: this is not the necklace to wear when you want to go unnoticed!