Monday, July 19, 2010

Once's the Little Things.

Those of you who know me, know that I am a BIG fan of the oatmeal. Sometimes Bob's Red Mill and sometimes Snoqualmie Falls. Sometimes steel cut and sometimes just the old-fashioned long-cooking type. But never...and I mean never, the microwavable type.

I don't own a microwave so maybe that has something to do with that thinking. This morning I was making my Snoqualmie treat when I remembered that I had a yet unopened box of golden raisins in the pantry. While they have been there for quite some time, I simply forgot about them. What a treat -- I love raisins in my oatmeal along with brown sugar. I lead such a simple little life here in Oregon...which I am happy about. But raisins...does a normal person get giddy over raisins? Does a normal person actually stop to take a pix of said raisins in the oatmeal? Does a normal person post a blog about the oatmeal and the sunny little raisins? My happiness over something as tiny as a raisin further solidified my belief that "life is in the little things...the moments." So it is really important to always be in the moment since, in life, that is all we really have. Ah, a bit philosophical today. Namaste.