Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Where the Fairies Live.

Over the long weekend I added a few new plants to my patio containers -- one of which, is this tiny little miniature something. I wish I knew the name; but I picked it up at one of the wholesale nurseries in the farmlands here and it wasn't marked, so I have no idea what it is. What I do know is that it is pure white, lacy and fairy-like. I can just imagine that fairies live tucked underneath it's feathery blossoms. And, when I'm not looking, dragonflies come along to give the fairies rides to other magical places in my little garden. To give you an idea of it's size, the purple flower in the forefront is only about one-inch in diameter.

When I was planting it and thinking about the fairies, I was reminded of my favorite ride in Disneyland. Yes, the SoCal park used to be called Disneyland. While I think it might have joined the ranks of Disneyworld now; I still call it Disneyland. Old habits are hard to break. The ride I loved was called Storybook Land -- where you ride in the little boat and into the mouth of Jonah the whale and exit into a magical world of miniature old English villages, with their tiny chimneys, boat docks and mailboxes. In the dusk, tiny lights glowed from the paned windows on the cottages. I always wanted to work there...in that little tiny place. As everyone who ever lived in SoCal did, I applied for work at Disneyland one year and when it came down to committing to the job for which I was being considered, I baulked at having to wear a uniform and wear my hair a certain way. So, instead, I went to work at the phone company and learned my fabulous switchboard skills! Funny how uniforms and I just don't get along; and it is interesting to me, at least, to note how my dislike of said uniform has shaped my life along the way. Anyhow -- I think my love for tiny little things has always been strong -- and I believe that is one of the things I love about jewelry. It is so much fun for me to take a mix of tiny little things and toss them together to make one bigger snazzy thing. I guess it is true what they say..."it's the little things..."