Thursday, July 08, 2010

Jewelry for the Professional Woman

Today, one of my clients told me that my jewelry was great for the professional woman. She's an attorney in the NYC financial arena -- so her definition of professional might be different than yours. That got me thinking. Scary I know...but thinking, thinking, thinking.

Surprisingly, I do 
it all the time. I have to agree with her, I do create my designs with the "professional" woman in mind -- but I have to clarify my statement and tell you that I think we are all professional women. No matter where we work or what we do, we are all professionals. I was so tickled earlier in the week when one of the contestants on Cupcake Wars was wearing a bold necklace, not unlike the designs shown here, while she baked her heart out. You're asking Cupcake Wars? Yes, you see I have this thing for baking -- and I am woman enough to say that Ace of Cakes is my favorite show; I think it is the combo of geek and baking and the fact that the all of the group seem to really like each other and aren't screaming and fighting on camera. (An unusual concept in TV programming these days. Oh, and they don't sprout vampire fangs at any point in the show.) And, being a fan of the cupcake, I was intrigued when Cupcake Wars started up this summer, so I just had to tune in. Anyhow -- the fact that the cupcake baker was working a big bold necklace made me think about all the places my jewelry gets to go. To the office, to the kitchen, to the backyard BBQ, to the homes of famous people (like you!) and who knows where else. If you want to share your "where the jewelry goes" story or pix with me I would love to hear and/or see it the designs in action. If you visit my web site, in the upper right hand corner you'll see a "contact" button -- just click on that and you'll be able to tell me all about the adventures of your jewelry. I guess this is one of those things that would work on Facebook -- is Tanya Lochridge Jewelry ready for Facebook?