Saturday, February 28, 2009

Black, Grey and White -- A Stylish Combo

These black, grey and white striped sardonyx beads grabbed me when I was least expecting it. I was looking for something else totally not related in any way, shape or form to sardonyx and POW! -- there they were. Just two lonely strands of beads -- medium and large sized -- just tempting me to pick them up and see what I could create. Always one to accept a challenge (why do I think of Peter Sellers when I say that word? And, not the cheesy Steve Martin version of PS -- only the original PS.) I bought these beauties and brought them home. I must admit that they sat mocking me for a bit from their perch on my studio work bench -- then one day the inspiration hit. Here is what those beads morphed in. This bracelet now on my site and a necklace (and oh my what a necklace) still in the works. The bracelet just looks so sharp and classy to me -- it gives a twist of the "basic black" theory. I load one with some of my silver bangles and it makes quite a look. Now that the season is changing (well, hopefully some day it will change) you will wear this bracelet to punch up neutrals and pastels. Black is a nice change from the ordinary when it comes to pairing it with the lighter colors of spring and summer. So, for all you black fans -- this one's for you!