Monday, February 09, 2009

Pearls That Fell From the Sea and Landed in Tucson

I'm asking myself just how many pearls I can look at before my head explodes. This just gives you an idea of the number of pearls I got to look through to find some interesting shapes, sizes and colors for new designs. And, this is just one pearl supplier! While I whine a bit about it, it's really fun since I don't look for the perfectly round pearl . I was lucky enough to find some grey, ivory, black and the prettiest silver-white keishi type. Oh-la-la! I can't wait to be back in the studio so I can start working on all kinds of new designs using all of the new stuff. Watch for tomorrow's post -- earlier today I bought beautiful smaller faceted beads and will see if I can get a pix to post tomorrow. Lots of new design ideas coming to me with those. Something a bit different from my usual big and bold designs -- I got a bug to do some smaller charm style necklaces and earrings. So stay tuned.