Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Edge on Spectator

I just had a thought -- the first one is several days actually. We all know how "hip" the spectator look is -- it's become a hip classic, in fact. While I am the first one to say that the black and white combo is sharp (sharp, I think I used that word in high school -- many, many, many, many years ago, why can I remember such things now?), I have to admit, that I am loving the clear and black quartz crystal look. I have been wearing a similar piece to these -- one that actually incorporates the black and clear quartz together in one necklace -- for the last few days, and I am loving how current it looks. The faceted cut of these crystals is really stunning -- the light bounces off in all directions and can be blinding. Just don't look at it while you are driving -- well, if you were looking at it while you were driving that would mean that you are looking in the mirror not at the road. Never a good idea when the car is moving -- at the stoplight...perfectly acceptable. Check out my site for other styles using these quartz beads -- oh so lovely to look at.