Thursday, November 14, 2013

Street Style c.1965 It’s Throwback Thursday

Capturing Street Style isn’t really all that new of an idea. It’s true, we were doing it way back when – this pix from 1965 taken on the streets of Los Angeles is definite proof. (I wish the quality was better -- my facial expression is a bit strange.) Of course, it definitely wasn’t a candid shot; but then today I wonder what percentage of “street style” shots are really candid. With the exception of the style captured by the magical Bill Cunningham, I have a stinking suspicion that most street style captures are styled to the max. Maybe some of you fashion bloggers can bring me into this century and tell me I am wrong. By now you know that I lived for many years in New York City – one of the things I miss about living there is the constant exposure to a diverse world of style.

I loved that New York is a walking city, which makes it just about impossible to not notice the wide array of fashions from all corners of the world. Living here, out in the boonies on the other side of the country, I have little exposure to multiplicity. While it has its plus side (where else can you count sheep on a walk around the neighborhood) I sometimes think the sameness of it all stifles one’s imagination.

Man, now I sound like I am knocking the people and the place where I live. I don’t mean to – it’s just an observation and it’s just my perception of this place. So, I hope that no one is offended and that you understand my thinking. That being said, I think I have kept my style over the years I have lived here; however it has been modified a bit to better work with the weather and lifestyle. Sadly, I never wear a coat here – just no need when going from Jeep to indoor space. I miss coats more than I ever thought possible. There is something fun about having a collection of coats for various weather conditions and styling them in a way that says “I’m in here under this coat, scarf, hat and gloves!” 

As we move further into the chilly months of fall and winter I did change out my closet – bringing out my heavier scarves and a few pairs of boots. By boots, I mean serious Timberland and Wellies, which I love. And, I cleaned off my yard boots – a jazzy six dollar black polka-dot number that sit just inside my back door – they work really well in the yard as it turns itself into the bog it was 100 years ago! Here’s a handy tidbit – don’t leave your boots outside ever – unless you want snails and slugs to nestle inside them during the dark when you’re not looking only to be noticed as you slide your bare foot into the boot the following day!
Once again a little tangential thinking – but somehow it does all work with my original street style topic. No? Maybe these Throwback Thursday posts are to blame. They remind me just how old my brain is and that it’s not that hard to taunt it into moving off topic. Anyhow, let’s hear it for Street Style and just how much fun it is to be a part of it all even in some tiny little way. I was lucky enough to participate in 1965 and then again through the 90s in San Francisco and New York and now my street has become an open field with varying vistas – so all and all, life is pretty damn good from where I stand, Timberlands and all!