Monday, November 11, 2013

“Dear, don’t you think you are wearing too many bracelets?”

Dragonfly Czech Vintage Button &
Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Thank the gods, those are words you will never hear again – and if you do, cover your ears and pretend you don’t hear them! I’m the first to say that there is something powerfully pleasing about a stack of bracelets dancing on your wrist. These days, in the vast jewelry arena, you know there are lots and lots and lots from which to choose.

The good news is you can always wear more than one, stacking to match your mood for the day or the moment! (Yes, my moods have been known to change on a dime along with the jewelry I am wearing!) While I do love all of the bold stiff bangles we’re seeing on the racks, I still prefer bracelets with movement and squish. Yes, squish…you know when you lay your arm on your desk or a table and the bracelet has enough play in it to not impale you with its components. That’s what I call the “squish factor.”

Freshwater Pearl Cross, Citrine & Moonstone Bracelet
While this entry started its life as a piece on bold yet soft bracelets, somehow it’s now become a piece about squish. How that happens I still don’t know; but I do know that it is always fun for me to just traipse along with the always mysterious thought process and see where it takes me. Today…I landed on squishable bracelets that are quite powerful yet flexible. Isn’t it fun to be able to dress to match our moods as women? One day it’s quiet and the next day it’s POW! While the three bracelets shown here are each quite big in the overall scheme of things; they are also quite comfortable to wear alone or playing with others. And, yes, I have been known to wear a similar set all together...on the same wrist! Wickedly wild, I am! (Who am I kidding?)
I do find it surprising when I set out to layer my main character with a supporting cast (you get my drift, right?) and end up stacking lots of main characters together, getting a totally different look than I originally had in my head. These three give a fun little performance when allowed to play as a group. Why? First they are all gold vermeil. Second, they all have pearls in some form, freshwater and Czech glass, so they are good friends. And, then toss in mega-crystal quartz gemstones in a variety of shapes and sizes along with citrine and moonstone gemstones and you are well on your way to magnificence! You can get lots of different layering ideas for these three over on the web site/store. And, as a reminder don’t let anyone tell you that you are wearing too many bracelets – if they do, smile and know your style is just reflecting your amazing self! Tell me…how do you style your bracelets?