Sunday, December 01, 2013

Gem of an Advent Calendar

Remember the excitement of getting your Advent calendar when you were a kid? I don’t know about you; but it was hard to only open one little door a day. As an adult, I still get an advent calendar every year – even though the “goodies” inside don't seem to be all that tasty, at least not like I remember them to be all those years ago. I am a bit of a traditionalist as I still go for the inexpensive chocolate variety. This year I thought I would offer all of my jewelry gals a gem Advent calendar of sorts. How does it work?

Well, pretty simple really. Starting today, December 1st, I am choosing a gem that I love and have used in my jewelry designs over the years. In my daily email, you’ll find some fun background on the gemstone’s energy and see its beauty in a pix and then with one click within the email you can browse the site/shop where you’ll see the reduced prices for designs created with the Advent gem of the day. Sounds like fun, no? I think a few early birds think so, as of 9:00 this morning, several carnelian pieces are sold out! If you haven’t joined my email list yet you might want to do that molto rapido (as they say in Italian…I think) so you’ll be sure to get your daily Advent mail giving you a blurb about the special Advent Gem of the day. (Not to worry, you’ll only get daily emails from me during this Advent special – during the rest of the year, I only do one or two emails a month.) Click here for the email for December 1st. There is a spot in the right hand column close to the top of this post that makes signing up quick and painless!

Also, when you do shop the site and make your selections, during check out be sure to indicate the name and phone number of your local food bank so we can send a donation to them as part of our Local Food Bank Program. (If you aren’t aware of this giving program, click on the link and you’ll be taken to the page on the site that tells you about it.) It is our little way of joining with you and offering a hand to those who might be hungry – not only during the holiday season; but throughout the year. Thank you for joining with us in this effort.

The Advent gem treat prices change at 9:00 p.m. PST through the 24th so you’ll want to be sure to check back daily to see what goodies are featured for the day. See you there!