Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Healing Energy of Rocks

Another month coming to a close - where or where does the time go? Another full moon and the celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival, which will actually be celebrated on October 4th this year. The weather in this part of the country has been gorgeous – make that Gorgeous…with a capital G! Nights in the 40s and days in the 70s and sunshine! All that clear sky means a good view of the moon and stars night after night after night.

I love the moon – it seems to recharge my soul. For the same reason, I love rocks of all kinds. Surprised? By now, you shouldn’t be. I totally get that different rocks & crystals have different energies. While I don’t think about it consciously, with each piece of jewelry I design, intuitively I just know. Somehow I go with my intuition and select gemstones based purely on how I feel at the moment. For the last few days I have been drawn to obsidian and jade. (For those of you old enough to remember the “Ally McBeal” show – I find it entertaining whenever I use the phrase “…drawn to…” like John Cage, the Peter MacNicol character! But I digress…again!) Of the hundreds of rocks, gemstones and crystals in my inventory from which I could pick, what is it that makes me hunt until I find “the” one?

Today I looked at Healing Crystals: The Shaman’s Guide to Making Medicine Bags and Using Energy Stones by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. It’s an easy to understand and insightful resource full of lots of valuable information when it comes to rocks and crystals. Reading about obsidian, I was reminded that it may help me cope with negativity and keep me centered in unstable times. And, it reminds me to not resist change. In addition, obsidian will give me emotional stability in times of high stress. Well, that makes so much sense considering my world at the moment. If you remember, several entries back I wrote about my overall aversion to change – and it is still all around me; however it is starting to feel a bit more normal as most change does with time. I then went on to read about jade. To quote the authors of Healing Crystals, “the loving energies of this stone will assist you in recovering from emotional trauma because it provides grounding energy and a sense of security.” Heavy sigh…well, that sure hit home.

Intuitively I recognized that I needed the healing energy from these two crystals; and so, when pawing through my stone inventory, they are the two I was most drawn to. I do believe this is how I choose the jewelry I wear as well. Sure, I choose jewelry for purely aesthetic reasons – “does this amethyst work with this plum sweater” – but I also know there are days that I instinctively select the energy I need in that moment in time from my gemstones and then dress around those pieces. I’m sure this might all sound a bit strange to some of you; but those of you who have come to know me over time, understand it all. Rocks and crystals aren’t just rocks and crystals – they are gifts from the earth, from Mother Nature herself and we have a lot to learn from them. So -- understanding that, I am grateful to her for each and every one I have the good fortune to see and to hold.