Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fanfare Please -- Yellow Calcite & Crystal Quartz

Sometimes simple is magnificent. Case in point – this magnificent yellow calcite and crystal quartz bracelet. You know that my trademark design is usually a three-strand, sometimes five-strand, bracelet or necklace. However, there are times when I sit at the bench in my studio and see a simple, yet stunning, single strand design. This was one of those times.

I remember the moment I saw these gemstone beads in Tucson. They stood apart from the rest that day. The faceted polished large nuggets of yellow calcite are just so beautiful; I wanted to design a piece that showcased their natural beauty. Partnered with the glistening natural nuggets (don’t think tiny just because I used the word nugget) in clear crystal quartz (envision melting ice in the sunshine) and Florentine-finish “potato chip” beads of gold vermeil the overall look is lovely. The calcite is definitely yellow but soft buttery yellow – not garish neon and the crystal quartz nuggets are like reflecting pools and a bit mesmerizing when the light skips through them – use caution when driving and wearing this bracelet. The sun reflecting off the nuggets is sure to get your attention!

Yellow calcite is thought to spur intellectual capacity. I’ll take that. And, it is thought to boost energy levels – I’ll definitely take that!!! I’ve shown a few styling options. However, believe it or not, I happen to love this bracelet all on its own. It’s a stunning simple design that is sure to get your noticed and leave a lasting impression. Made in the USA of domestic and imported components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection.