Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ring Around the Carnelian - Item of the Week

“Oh-h-h, oh-h-h, oh-h-h!” That’s what you and everyone who sees you will be saying when they get a look at this necklace. There is no way I could get a full-length shot of this 48” beauty, so I wrapped it around Lulu, the neck, so you could see most of the beads.

Designed to be worn long if you want – double strands of carnelian, aragonite, smoky quartz (gobstoppers that would do Willy Wonka proud), yellow jade, agate and Czech glass beads in all shapes and sizes fall below two colossal 1 ¾” hefty carnelian links. Above the carnelian links you’ll find more smoky quartz, agate and jade. It all comes together with a beautiful textured gold vermeil square toggle. The clasp makes it possible for you to wrap the necklace two or three times around your pretty little neck to get just the look you want for your outfit for the day. The toggle is a work of art in itself and that means you can wear it to the side or down in front where it will get extra attention.

Since the necklace is made of large real gemstones, it does have some weight to it; not so much that you’ll need to stop at the chiropractor (Hi Dr. Gilbert!) on your way home from the office; but you will know you are wearing it. Personally, I like that since the necklace holds down clothing items up top and the weight of the piece pretty much assures you won’t be playing “lasso the boob” with the necklace. Did I just say that? Sure did.

The piece looks stunning layered with the carved leaf pendant or the jade key pendant also from the collection. However this is a necklace that truly stands on its own. Well, not stands…like on feet…but you know what I’m saying. This necklace just makes me happy and I wear a similar design year-round making the CPW (cost per wear) a very good thing. Fan of the Pantone? Well, if so, for Fall 2013, Pantone refers to the carnelian color as Koi – I just call it “wow” or maybe “wowzer!” Is there a Pantone number for that? Made in the USA of imported and domestic components. From the Tanya Lochridge Jewelry Trunk Show Collection.

Here’s something fun – since this is truly a one-of-a-kind you can be the one and only person walking the planet who will be sporting this beauty for years to come. Since you are truly a one-of-a-kind, it's kind of fun isn't it? (Unless you are still in the Brownies and kind of like to look like all of your friends then perhaps having your own personal look isn’t top priority for you at the moment; and, if you are still young enough to be in the Brownies this necklace might be a tad too much for you.) Okay, I’ll stop now…starting to ramble...I must need chocolate. Anyhow I'm pretty sure you'll be wowed when you see it up close and personal. And, remember, if can always return it. I never want you to keep any piece with which you are not absolutely head over heels in love. (Yes, it's grammatically correct but it sounds so stuffy, doesn't it?) Okay -- off for that chocolate now while you just do a little shopping.

Regular Price $195.00
Item of the Week Sale Price $136.50

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