Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1967, Family Reunions & Playsuits

One of the things I love most about photography is how in one pix, you can capture a brief moment in time – life is made of millions of moments and sometimes we get too sidetracked to really appreciate the moment. I love that when I look at these two snaps – the quality of the image really doesn’t bother me. I am just so happy to have them in my possession.

The year was 1967 (I can tell by my hair) I had just cut it from mid-back length to short. My now sister-in-law had just colored it the week prior to the cut and it was great – big blocks of color in my flowing long curly locks. (Just realized you would call them “beach waves” today!) One week post-color I decided to whack it off…again, and so did just that. When La cut it I looked a bit like a giraffe as the blocks of color didn’t get softened as they did with the longer locks. But, oddball that I am, I still loved it contrary to my grumpster look in the pix!

My mom’s side of the family had a huge annual reunion during the summer months -- always outdoors. That side of the family was big…I mean BIG. And, as all the cousins grew older new family members joined in and the reunion grew by leaps and bounds as the years went on. The dark-haired little beauty with me is my Auntie Barbara’s niece – whose name I just can’t seem to remember. My Auntie Barbara was married to my eccentric architect Uncle Moe and since they lived a few miles from me on the beach in Newport, I spent a lot of time in those years with her. She was originally from Greece, grew up in San Francisco and moved to SoCal where she met my uncle. Since they had no kids of their own, her little niece spent a lot of time with them. Auntie Barbara was a beautiful girly-girl – didn’t wear a pair of capris or jeans until she and my uncle drove through Alaska in 1963, camping out along the way. You can definitely see her style influence in her niece. Sadly, my Auntie Barbara died unexpectedly at the age of 36…so I treasure every memento I have that connects me to her. The blondie-blond cutie is my cousin Shari’s daughter, Traci. Traci was the flower girl in my wedding that same year – so a special connection was definitely in place. Where my Auntie Barbara’s niece was a girly-girl like her aunt, Traci was a bit of a tomboy with two active brothers to compete against daily!

This post started out as a Throwback Thursday to highlight the jumpsuit I was wearing and quickly got off task. Just like me, right? I think we called them jumpsuits way back when; but I can’t really remember. I know we didn’t call them playsuits as I hear all you fashion bloggers call them today. Yes, it was designed and made by moi! It was the loveliest color of green with the bold floral pattern in a darker shade. And if you look, closely, I am wearing some of the first pieces of my jewelry line…on my wrist!

I do wish the quality of snaps from years ago was better. All you young pups probably don’t realize it now – but you are so damn lucky to be part of the digital age. Yes…in you're lucky, all those snaps and videos you take will somehow make it into your senior years; and believe it or not, you will look back fondly on each one of them. I am curious to know how you all feel about living in the age of digital photography and selfies, OOTDs and blog pix. Do you hate it, love it – or have a hate-love thing going with it? As your official gran of the blogosphere, let me just say that there will come a time in your life that you will be grateful for the captured moments that make up the bigger pix of your life. And, with those words of gran wisdom, I'll sign off...for today.

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