Thursday, November 06, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1960, Santa Barbara, & Style

I took a selfie the other day and there it was…my style…my unique spin on things. While I know I certainly won’t end up gracing the pages of any fashion tome, magazine or blog other than mine these days, I am quite comfortable with my personal style. Strolling through my life via a bunch of old pix that have been in hiding for years further solidifies the fact that my basic style hasn’t really changed much. I wonder…is everyone like that or have I just been stuck in a rut all these years?
The two pix above were taken in April 1960 on a family jaunt up the coast to San Simeon and Hearst Castle. I can’t remember if we still had the 1955 Army green Volkswagen bug or if we were in the Borgward at that point! These pix were snapped on an overnight stop in Santa Barbara. I wish I could get the entire pix in here – the motel was probably built in the 50s and had lots of windows with the winged overhang so popular with those mid-century designs. Right on the beach – well, across the little street that ran through Santa Barbara at the time – and lots of rock walls, grass and palm trees.

My brother looks so swish and cool, so rock and roll – Levi 501s, white t-shirt, a hip cotton plaid shirt, loafers and white socks. He was always the cool sibling! Me, not so much. However, uncool as it was, I love that I am wearing one of my mom’s sweaters from her early twenties and still wish I had it today. Soft gray wool with a collar, button placket and the sleeves pushed up. Oversized, of course; I still don’t like clothes that fit too tightly. Impeccably tailored plaid Bermuda shorts, as we called them in those days, always sparkling white Keds sneaks and scrunchy socks. Bangs and a pony tail. Look closely and you’ll find a bracelet or too along with a watch decorating my wrist. My style in a nutshell! Looking back, I want to think that I might look like a bit of a cool kid – but the reality of it all is that I was an introverted very shy geek and still am after all the years.

Back to my original question – do we develop a basic style in our early years that we carry with us through life? Are we expected to change our overall style as we mature and grow older? I just know for me, whenever I have strayed from what I think of as my personal style, I end up feeling very uncomfortable, as if I am wearing someone else’s clothes and not really being honest. Curious – do you have different styles for different occasions? Has your style changed from when you were younger to today? Do you set your style to fit in or stand out? So many questions – it will be fun to hear your thoughts.