Friday, September 09, 2016

Red Hills Market — What a Treat!

Hooray! finally got to Red Hills Market in Dundee. For those of you not familiar with Oregon, Dundee is situated in the Wine Country of the Willamette Valley, hence the name, Willamette Wine Country. Clever how that works. While I am in Dundee regularly to catch up with my the hair guru, once I am back on the road heading home, it’s hard to get me to stop. Silly I know considering Red Hills Market is less than a mile from my hairdresser! But that’s who I am -- a homing pigeon, of sorts.

Last week, my sister-in-law invited me to have lunch with her, my niece and her daughter, which I think makes the daughter my grand niece. Is there such a thing? Since the girls were already headed to Dundee, I suggested Red Hills Market. Tricia (my niece) had already been there with my hairdresser and really liked it! (They are childhood friends, having met when both were in second grade. So, it’s okay…my hairdresser is not cheating on me)! First I have to say…it was so much to fun to see them and do some major catching up without a hundred people milling about. Wow…time goes by so quickly -- yesterday my niece was two and riding a tricycle in my backyard and today...well, let's just say she is old enough to have a beautiful twenty-one year old daughter (or is she twenty-two).

Red Hills Market is really charming but not in a fussy way. I immediately loved the character of it and the food was excellent in that casual Willamette Wine Country kind of way. Anyone living in Oregon will understand what that means! It’s a casual place — with orders being taken at the counter and then delivered to your table. The food was fresh, in season, rustic and delicious! I hadn’t planned on taking pix for a blog; but, as I always do, I had my camera at the ready. So I snapped a few shots after we visited just to give you a quick peek.

As you might guess, Red Hills Market is stocked with of a wide array of wines from local vineyards, beers from local breweries and cheeses from local farms. (I actually swooned at the display of cheese — luckily I don’t think anyone noticed. If they did they were polite enough not to point and chuckle! I have my eye on a roquefort for when I return.) The buyer/owner of the place has a fine eye for decorative accessories and there were some great pieces scattered around. (Ah, memories of my old, old, old Country Peddler days.). I only took a quick look at all of the goodies just to whet our whistles a bit.

I will definitely go back to checkout the cooking studio and see what that is all about. Oh, and they do have wine-tasting upstairs -- here's a thought...a jewelry trunk show and a wine tasting. So stay tuned…I’ll take you along next time!

You can find Red Hills Market online at