Tuesday, May 02, 2017

It Started with Gucci!

I have had so much fun this past month creating a stream of Style Story posts for my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds. If you don’t follow me on any of these platforms you might want to start — I’ve made it easy with all the social buttons over there in the right hand column. Click on any of them and you are whisked to that particular feed where you can follow me. Any how — I thought it would be fun to replay a few of my favorite selections here.

I have the great fortune of coming from a long line of talented fashion designers, pattern makers and seamstresses — great aunts, aunts and my mom were all wizards when it came to whipping up the latest styles. Luckily my mom taught me the skill of sewing at an early age — I’m going to say that I started actually using the sewing machine when I was about five. The only rule was that my mom needed to be home when I used the old commercial sewing machine she had. I was so tiny I had to sit on phone books in order to see what I was doing! Luckily the machine had a knee pedal (is it called a pedal if you use your knee to push it?) so reaching a foot pedal wasn’t an issue. With all of that early exposure I was taught what makes a garment high-quality; and we are not talking just the part that showed. The inside of all the clothes my mom made me over the years were tailored and finished so beautifully I could have worn them inside out and still been pleased as punch.

Kind of a blessing and a curse, my early lessons in quality are still with me today. That is one of the big reasons I so love designer clothes. Mind you, I don’t have a closet full of designer duds, but what I do have is the appreciation for the details in most designer garments. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to pair a few of my favorite designer pieces of the season with jewelry that I have designed that is available in very limited quantities in the online store

Over the years, my design sense in my jewelry has been heavily influenced by the high end very fine one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces you find locked away in the glass display cases or in a guarded display at a trunk show in the high-end stores and boutiques around the world. A few of my favorite shops include Bergdorf’s, Brown’s, Marissa Collections, and Neiman Marcus. I always loved rocks and I admire the pieces that talented jewelry designers create with them. Long ago, I realized I could enjoy the unusual gemstones (aka rocks) in ways that were budget friendly, by designing and making my own pieces. These are the styles that I have been sharing with you since 1967 where you found me in person on the lawn between buildings while doing my undergrad studies. (Yes, I am that old! Can you say granny?) In 2006 I started selling jewelry on this blog. At that time it was the only platform available! Hard to believe isn’t it? We have come so far in the past eleven years!

I do hope you will pop over to all of my social platforms and follow me. You can look back at the entire Style Story Series that started in February. It is easiest on Instagram. On my blog, along with jewelry, you’ll see snippets of my life here in the Pacific Northwest and bits and pieces I share about my past along with life in general. Not necessarily nail-biting reading; but I like to think we have fun with it all. I also hope that you will visit my online store and take a gander at all that is there. You can browse all you want and you can even browse and buy all you want! If you’re quick as a bunny and browse/buy before midnight on May 5th — you can use STYLESTORY1 promo discount code and you will save 30% on your total order. That makes it all the more fun! Also if you are not subscribed to receive notifications of new blog posts or on my Tanya Lochridge Jewelry email list, please feel free to sign up — forms for these two are in the upper right hand column. (See me pointing there?) Meanwhile, hoping your spring is off to a great start we’ll see you in the land of social!

I hope you will feel free to comment below — I love reading and responding to comments when they do come in. Thanks again for following along all these years. I am very grateful for all of you.