Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday -- There I Said It!

I couldn't help myself -- I have been hearing all about Black Friday since, let's see sometime in July maybe. I've been telling myself that I am not going to get sucked into all the hype so I made a deliberate effort not to refer to it in my blog or on my jewelry site or in my jewelry e-mail -- but today I just had to blurt it out...once! So, I cracked -- maybe weak from too much pumpkin pie or a bit of tryptophan fallout?

Anyhow, this is my idea of what a real Black Friday, or any day for that matter, should look like, Two of my rope designs, one looking very 20s vintage with it's soutache bead and the other being right on trend with it's glowing gray mother-of-pearl and freshwater pearl beads partying with my latest acquisition from Ms. Joan Boyce who sells her beauties on HSN. The cuff shown here is a lovely black enameled number with sparkling and perfectly set crystals dancing all around. Yes, I am wearing all three as I create this post -- wouldn't you do the same? It's a bit sassy, I say. By now you've got me figured out --- well, that's a gross overstatement but I mean figured out when it comes to styling jewelry. (Just a note -- no one, including me will ever have "me" figured out! And, believe me hordes of people have tried...but to no avail.) But back to the jewelry, I love mixing it up, wearing the unexpected and making it a lot of fun. Here's a perfect example of that. But wait...there is more. I can't wait for the latest Joan Boyce to arrive -- a black diamond and pearl set that I am sure will be just as fabulous as the others I have of hers. And, I have a sneaking suspicion that the new pair will be just as excited to play with some new friends from my collection. So much fun...this jewelry stuff. I just wish I had more wrists!!! But I am thankful that I have two with lots of room between wrist and elbow. I say "stack 'em up and have a ball."