Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Magic of Music

Sitting in the studio this afternoon, enjoying the sun as it streams in the large window and listening to allclassical.org, the classical station here in the Portland area. First, I have to say, the station is without competition...in my book at least. And, yes, it beats the hell out of the station I listened to for 10 years while living in New York City. Sorry, but it's the truth. The station here is member-sponsored and that means no annoying commercials and the breadth and depth of their playlist never ceases to surprise me.
Today was no exception. A lovely baroque piece, which I don't think I've heard before, had me completely mesmerized in the first few, very distinct, baroque beats. The timing on baroque music must play with the brain -- at least it does with mine. Perhaps that explains some of my quirkiness? While listening I had to do everything in my power to not throw down my project at hand -- I wanted to run to the armoire and grab my recorder that I haven't played in a thousand years. I was so wanting to play along with some fun improvisation and just go with the music. Baroque music is among my favorite -- maybe at the top of the list, but not quite sure. The piece I was listening to reminded me of the overwhelming magic of music. You see, I always think "merriment" when I hear anything from that period in time. Strange, I know, considering that by today's standards, life could be pretty cruel and not so pretty, I am guessing, in those days. But somehow, the making of music with simple instruments and lots of people joining in brought joy and happiness into their lives; and in my book, that's a good thing. A very good thing, in fact. I was also transported back to my undergrad days when I had the great fortune to play with a small group of friends just for fun. The group was headed by a professional renaissance musician who had the most glorious collection of period instruments and she actually let us play them!!! Ah youth, what fun...even after all these years, the joy of the music we made then still rings true in my spirit.

So you're asking yourself "what does this all have to do with jewelry?" And, my response is "nothing really" but it does have to do with my life and in some way, that experience has to make itself apparent in the jewelry I design for all of you. Yes?