Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's A Glam Thing -- a big THANK YOU!

What a fabulous surprise. Lisa, from, highlighted the All Things Pink! section from my site in her Lisa's Latest Fave Finds section on her web site! So exciting and completely unexpected. Not only did she include a pix of the fabulous pink lampwork heart rope style bracelet shown here, she also mentioned Susan G. 
Komen and Kate's Kids 4 the Cure, the two non-profits who receive donations from every sale of a design from the All Things Pink! section.

I'm thinking you might be happy to know that the All Things Pink! items are available on the site year-round and new designs are added just about every week. That means you can help out the two non-profits and your sister-friends year-round -- since breast cancer is not just an October thing. Wearing something from the All Things Pink! group, reminds you and all who see the pretty pieces that we need to be aware of breast cancer all months of the year -- and wearing something pink is a nice way for you to help create awareness. When someone compliments you on the pretty pink bracelet or necklace you are wearing (and believe me they will) -- that's your opportunity to tell the breast cancer awareness story and remind women of the importance of self-exams and mammograms. We are all sisters and because of that we want to take care of each other. Agree? So, thank you Lisa from, for helping to spread the word. And, thank you to all of my "pink girls" who shop the site and wear their treasures with a happy heart and a big smile!