Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You!

Happy day for me here -- included a review of three of my favorite bracelets on their site today. As I write the word favorite -- I had to laugh at myself as I think every piece I make is "my fav!"

Guess I am like a mom who thinks that each of her children is her favorite in one way of another. (Is that sentence grammatically correct?) I love the Kazuri bead bracelets for their haunting beauty and for the little bit of good we all are doing by helping to support women and their families in Africa. You know me, I believe that even tiny little actions can have a profound effect -- so with each Kazuri bead I use and you wear, we are working to make a difference in someone's life. And, of course, the rope style is fast becoming one of my best-selling designs. I think it is because they are different from the norm -- they each tell a unique story and you can collect and layer and layer and layer...well, you get the idea. Gemstones, like this milky aqua and smoky quartz, mixed with Czech glass and Swarovski crystals -- how can you go wrong? If you want to know more about the special Kazuri beads, just click here and you"ll be swept away to my site where I talk about the amazing beads and the story behind them. You can read the fun review by clicking on this link,