Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Color Gods

Yes, the color gods have spoken -- well, in reality, it has been quite some time since they came up with this Fall-Winter 2010-2011 selection; but I thought it would be interesting to post it here for all of you to see. When I hear all the hoopla about the colors of the season I always wonder, if we as women, really are going to run out and buy a kumquat jacket with matching pants.

Honestly, I know I won't be buying anything kumquat any time soon -- and it's not just because I've moved from the "fashionable" big city to this cozy little hamlet in the Pacific Northwest where style never really changes. I just know that I have never owned a kumquat anything (well, that's not entirely true, since there was a kumquat bush in the back yard of the house I grow up in, so I guess, in fact, I did own something kumquat). What I do know is that I will continue to wear clothes in my basic colors -- black, brown and ivory -- and I will turn up the volume and wear dazzling natural colors in my gemstone jewelry. I like to think that the colors in my pieces are bright and sassy -- colors from nature and artisan glassmakers -- and because they are bright, they will garner a good way. I breathe a sigh of relief as I write that thought, knowing that there is a good chance that I will never overhear 
someone talking about my bright "orange orange" pants and how they make my butt look huge, like the Great Pumpkin -- and in my mind, that's a good thing. But, I say, let them chatter about the bracelets and necklaces I am wearing -- and please let them be bold enough to ask about them -- I always love to talk about gems and their sources. It's true, once a geek, always a geek. But, it works for me...maybe it works for you too.