Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cupcakes and Truffles

So, I am creating the copy for my next jewelry newsletter and the subject of cupcakes and truffles popped into my mind and spilled on to the page. Man, oh man, oh man.

One of the good things about living here in the Pacific Northwest is that I have fairly easy access to the best handmade chocolates in the world, Moonstruck Chocolates located in Portland, Oregon. Oh my gosh -- while I am not really a big fan of the chocolate -- there is 
something quite amazing about their truffles that have made me a BIG fan of Moonstruck. Lordy, I just realized that they ship, which means wherever you are in the world -- I think you can experience the delight of an exquisite truffle. While I would love to post an image of their lovely delights -- I am respectful of copyrights. So I opted to share a few alternative visions of cocoa for you to feast on. Yummy, no? And, if you are interested in the actual truffles, you can Meet the Truffles at Moonstruck, simply by clicking here. Enjoy -- maybe you'll get a chance to experience the joy of both, the truffles and my jewelry, sometime soon. Now that would make me happy and be totally satisfying.