Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Geese, Snow Birds and Flashes of Brilliance

With all the geese flying overhead intermittently throughout the day and night on their migration to parts unknown, I've been wondering why we, as humans, don't do the same. I know that in some parts of the world, people do move with the seasons -- but I was thinking, that in most part, at least in this country, we tend to stay put. I must admit...the more I think about it, my original thought is wrong.

In this tiny community, in this really small town, I would guess that fifty percent or so of my "neighbors" close down their homes and migrate to warmer, and hopefully sunnier, climates for the winter. Hence the name "snow birds." While it all sounds nice, being the homebody that I am, I would need to have two comfy, cozy and complete homes, including a studio in both. Maybe part of the second home idea is the novelty of having a home and a location that is completely different than the primary home. For me...while I hate to say it, the enchantment of that would last about two days and I would be longing for my "stuff." What if, at three in the morning, I had a flash of brilliance and wanted to run to my studio to capture it before it left my mind? Where would I go in that other home...would I be able to put my hands on all the treasures needed to make the flash a reality...would I lose that flash without my stuff? On the reverse side of that coin - would a different home environment inspire a different side of me...a different creative flare? While for me it's an interesting proposition, right now it's not a reality. So I won't be testing my hypothesis any time soon. I do know this...when I am in Tucson for several weeks scouring the gem show venues, my head is spinning and my hands are wanting to be twisting wire, stringing gemstones and seeing how all the new pieces come together. Luckily, I do work on some jewelry while staying with my niece during that time -- she has tools and supplies and I usually pack some smaller projects -- just in case. Hey, at this age, if I don't capture the creative moment when it strikes, it might never return. Starting with geese and ending with flashes of brilliance...proof that my head is always spinning and usually out of control. And, with that I will close for the day -- because I can't think of a line that actually brings it all together. But check back later -- a good closing line could come to me at any time in the future! I just hope I don't blurt it out while standing in line at the grocery store