Monday, September 27, 2010

Dundee, Cow Poop and Magnificient Mother-of-Pearl

Friday I had the fun of heading out to Dundee to meet up with my friend and hairdresser, Amy. It's about 20 miles, as the crow flies, and a lovely ride through hills and dales of farm land, hazelnut orchards, hops fields and lots of dairy cow and sheep pastures. I must admit, when they "blow" the cow poop from the dairy barns into the fields, it gets pretty stinky.

The good news is that after making so many trips in that direction, I know when it's the best time to roll up the windows, close off the vents and try not to breathe. It brings back the memory of driving to the beach as a kid where for several miles we drove through dairy country in SoCal. As only kids would, we tortured ourselves by rolling down the windows and sticking our heads out to see how long we could last out there! What Wonder if kids anywhere still do dumb things like that or have they made up their own electronic-techno version of a similar game? In many ways, I'm glad I was a kid when life was a bit simpler -- or maybe a bit less complex than it seems today.

Anyhow, while in the cozy hair salon nestled in the hills of the Oregon wine country, Amy commented on the bracelets I was wearing. After letting out a deep sigh, I started laughing and asked "is it normal for someone to get so ga-ga over a gemstone?" I gave her a little scenario of what it's like when I am at one of the venues in Tucson and how I just lose my mind with it all. Sensory overload of sorts. She completely gets it and so we took some time to marvel at the depth of the luster in the large silver-gray mother of pearl components that made up the two bracelets I had layered together. Oh, it warms my heart to know that people don't think I am completely nuts -- well, at least they don't seem to be saying it directly to me. Here are the two bracelets for your viewing pleasure. Wait a minute, did I just hear a sigh?