Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sure Signs of Fall

I don't care what the color Gods have to say about it -- to me fall will always mean burnt oranges, browns, deep russet and greens. In jewelry those colors translate as carnelian, red agate, green aventurine, smoky quartz and deep green freshwater pearls. Of course, I have to toss in some glittery Czech glass fire-polished beads to represent the sun as it bounces off the colors of autumn.

I remember my first "fall" experience when living in Oregon the first time around -- I was driving on the freeway toward Portland and just around one of the bends in the Terwilliger 
Curves (yes, that is a real place) I gasped as I saw the most glorious play of colors up against the hill. Greens, oranges, reds, russets and the brightest of yellows all playing in the breeze on that bright sunny day. Coming from Southern California I had not really seen the real colors of fall -- okay, so I would see the occasional maple tree that would make a tiny little effort at fall -- but believe me, it's just not the same. While living in NYC, this was my favorite time of year. The miserable humidity of the long hot summer was finally a thing of the past and the trees in Central Park started their fantastic show of color. One cool day, on a walk with a then new friend, we came upon the castle (yes, there is a castle in Central Park) and climbed the stairs to the top. Our reward -- the most glorious splay of vivid bright colors for as far as we could see. 

This was long before the days of digital camera technology and since the walk was rather spur of the moment, I didn't have my camera with me. But that image will forever stay in my mind -- it was magnificent. How fitting that our walk should end with a stroll through the farmer's market and tasty bites of apples from upstate and Pennsylvania. All and all -- the perfect fall picture.