Friday, December 10, 2010

Turquoise, Rainbow Hickoryite and Assignments

Today I was feeling as if I needed to be a bit grounded. Somehow yesterday got away from me and all the things on my "to do" list just didn't get done. I felt a bit like a hamster on the treadmill -- running as fast as all get out but getting no where even faster. When I see and wear turquoise it always makes me happy -- and the Jay King Mine Finds three-strand beauty shown here with one of my rainbow hickoryite designs makes me feel very happy, relaxed and focused. I first started working with rainbow hickoryite several years ago after discovering it in Tucson; it felt lucky from the get-go. Don't ask me to explain it -- I just get these "funny feelings" at moments in my life that things are on the right path. When I held the beads that day I felt a warmth radiate from them. Maybe because they remind me of my dad for some reason -- he always took me along to buy the exotic woods he used in creating his guitars -- so my love of fine woods was honed at an early age. And, maybe because when I see beautiful stones like these, I am reminded of the greatness of Mother Nature, and I understand the importance of doing her proud with the jewelry I design. While my thinking makes me feel very small -- I understand that no matter my size I still have an important task to tend to while on this planet. I do believe that if I can make one person happy when they see or wear a piece of the jewelry I make then I feel as if I am doing the job that I was assigned. I know, I know -- maybe a bit philosophical for this time of day -- but one of the hazards of working alone -- I spend a lot of time in my own head without interruption or censorship. That can be a blessing or a curse -- today I think it's a blessing.