Friday, January 04, 2013

Say it isn't so!

This morning, one of my worst nightmares came to life. Okay, so that’s a little dramatic; but stick with me here. On my Twitter feed there was a tweet from an accessories rep group that went something like this – “…I would never want to do a collaboration with a 50-year-old women who wears clogs.” My first reaction was to step into a smack down on Twitter.

However, I stepped away from it and let the tweet stew for a while. While I haven’t tweeted in response…yet; I figured this might be good fodder for a blog entry.

When I first entered into the Twitterverse, my biggest fear was that it would be comprised of mean girls, tweeters  who where mean spirited and spiteful, haters. Much to my delight, I found just the opposite to be true. Maybe I have just been a good picker over the months, weeding out those people who post what I think are cruel remarks, or just maybe the Twitterverse was full of bright women, old and young, who loved what they seem to do in the blogosphere and were always open and willing to support other bloggers along these yet uncharted social media waters. Just maybe the world of fashion and beauty that I had known for years was indeed changing…just maybe.

POW! I know, I know…it was only one pitiful tweet in a stream of hundreds that I glance at daily and maybe it was all part of a weird stream of comments that I had not been privy to…but it just hit a somewhat tender point earlier today. As a woman who is way on the other side of 50 (gasp), who lives a life in Birks, clogs and other flat shoes (gasp and stagger) and who wears Timberland boots when the weather calls for it (gasp, stagger and someone please get the vapors) it was this one inane tweet, a spark of sorts, that ignited the wildfire.

Over months of following this person, I could have responded many times to their total lack of professionalism on all fronts, but that would have been cruel…honest, yet cruel. And, if you have followed my blog over time…you would know that’s not how I choose to live my life, at least on most days. So that being said, I’ll leave you with this thought (and, if you are underage or sensitive to some language stop reading now) before you judge someone by their age or the shoes they choose to wear you might want to get to know them for who they are and the talents and experience they bring to the universe…not by a f#!king number on their passport or the clothes they wear.

And…suddenly I feel refreshed and renewed! Think I’ll put on the Timberlands, don some calming amethyst and purple banded agate bracelets and take the dog for a long walk in the sunshine.

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