Tuesday, March 05, 2013

300 and Still Standing!

When I was posting my last blog about reaching 10,000 tweets on Twitter, I didn’t notice until after the fact that post was my 300th in a very long stream of blog posts. Where or where does the time go? And, more importantly, where or where do the words come from?

While I consider myself to be a pretty quiet individual, I do know that I spend a lot of time in my head just thinking. (Quoting my nephew – his response, at about the age of 3 or so, when asked what he was doing sitting on his bed in the middle of the day “just thinking” and when I asked what he was thinking about, he said “stuff.” And, that was that.) So, yes, it must run in the family – some of us are thinkers and not so much talkers. Blogging allows me to share some of what I’m thinking with all of you – and, I like that. Not that what I am thinking is all that interesting or prosaic, it is fun to have an outlet for sharing some of it. Perhaps it resonates with a few of you…maybe not; but I do know this, blogging has become a big part of my business and personal life. So…it’s a good thing.

Speaking or thinking about the biz side of things, I have been working on the prettiest long bold tassel necklaces, shown here styled a bit so you get the idea of what they are all about. I have designed a few different ones with jumbo crystal quartz and green aventurine so far. The design of these necklaces makes the gemstones the ultimate touchstone, too. The crystal quartz beauty is shown in the pix here – I styled it so you could get a good idea of the length of the piece. I even like it peeking out from under a scarf. Do you? When I style this way, I always think of Flat Stanley! You might also want to check it out on the site as it can be styled in a few short ways too – I love convertible jewelry. Always thinking about cost – with the versatility of this piece, your CPW goes down. CPW? Yes, cost per wearing! Sometimes I just go back into my old B-school and business days – man that stuff is emblazoned on my mind and just won’t vanish. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast today; but I remember the old marketing and finance crap I learned all those years ago. Sorry for the word crap – but it just seems like the best descriptor in this case! And, on that note…I’ll sign off for the day before I start the incoherent babble that was B-school.