Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10,000? Could it be Possible?

Oh dear, at some point earlier in the week I posted my 10,000 tweet. For those of you who might not know exactly what that means – I’ll say my 10,000 tweet on Twitter. Okay, for a person who resisted Twitter for a year or so, I sure seem to have jumped in with both feet! That number couldn’t possibly be right…could it?

Since I work alone most of the day there are times when I really miss the camaraderie of a friend popping into my office for a little catch-up chat. Weird, I have worked on my own for many years now…yes, that would be Many with a capital “M”…and the one thing I still miss is the friendships that develop over time with office pals. When I first entered the world of Twitter, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect…but, I did think that the space would be filled with critical types/haters, of sorts. Boy was I wrong! What I have found over the 10,000+ tweets is that there is a diverse, fun and friendly bunch of folks out there just popping in to talk in 140 characters or less!

So today, in some unexpected way, social media platforms have replaced the office pop-in in my world. I do so enjoy catching up with fellow tweeters from the parts of the world in which I once lived or grew up; and, it is also fun for me to follow so many young people who seem to be creating and paving their own paths in the world of commerce. I like that…for a bit more on my thinking scoot over to my post here about my discovery of the world of YouTube. Gosh, I know…five years ago I would have said never; however, today I just keep on exploring new avenues in this crazy thing we call social media. And, truth be told…I am having a lot of fun with it all.