Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who Do You Dress For? (For Whom Do You Dress?) Grammar Aficianados Take Your Pick!

Blue Chalcedony, Eagle Eye Agate & Czech Glass
Over the weekend, I spent a big part of my time working in the studio and, totally off subject, I have the jaw bruise to prove it! In short – sometimes life of a jewelry designer is perilous! One slip of the grip and pow! So this week it's Tanya zero and pliers one if you are keeping score.

On another note, in the background, I was listening to Jay King (Mine Finds on HSN) sell his gemstone wares. Over the years, we have become friends – it's funny how fellow rockhounds always seem to find a way to unite – so when he's on I tune in when I can to listen to his stories. What struck me during one of the shows was a caller who asked about various pieces of turquoise – specifically, if she could wear one piece with the other even though they came from different sources. Gasp! Her question got me thinking that there must be a faction of women out there who still think there are rules when it comes to wearing jewelry.

While I have never really been a matchy-match thinker (clearly this is why I am single?), I am aware that there are women who like to wear sets of matching jewelry and if that is what they like then it works for me, too. The key there though is “what they like” not what is expected of them. While sets are fairly easy to create in traditional cast jewelry designs, when it comes to rocks, minerals and certain gemstones the idea of perfectly matching sets baffles me. I like to think that my designs are sisters in many ways…but not identical twins! Kind of like one's eyebrows, no?
Bottom line? (And why I used that term I have no idea…it’s kind of one for the business meeting Bullshit Bingo game, isn’t it? It could be worse, I could have said “at the end of the day.” A perfect example of “you can take the girl out of the boardroom, but you can’t take the boardroom out of the girl.") And, now back to my original thought. I guess what I am trying to say here is that the most important thing is that if you put something on and you like it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your styling! While I have heard many people say that women dress to impress other women, I wonder if it is really true and I just play ostrich with my head stuck in the sand. (And, do ostriches really stick their heads in the sand?) So question of the day…do you dress to impress other women or to make your friends jealous? It’ll be interesting to hear your feedback as I so want to believe that all of you dress in a style that just makes you very happy.

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