Saturday, February 02, 2013

Seven Years & Celebrating!

Yes, it’s true. Seven years ago I sat down and posted my first blog entry. Back then it started as a way to showcase my jewelry designs since technology was slightly different in those days and on online presence was not quite yet in the cards. Fast forward, seven years, and here we are – all of this techno-stuff makes it possible for me to stay in touch with all of you – from anywhere in the world. Isn’t it amazing? Baffling, yet amazing. I love it all. Well, maybe it’s better to say (and a bit more truthfully) that at times I have a love-hate relationship with it! But most days…it’s pure love.

What I didn’t know all those years ago is that this blog would be a lifesaver, of sorts. It’s no secret that I had a really hard time making the transition from my life in New York to my life in this tiny country community. Since writing has always been a retreat from the real world for me, I found that my blog had become a lifestyle journal, of sorts, allowing me to share my daily life; and, in doing so, I released (and shared) a lot of the angst I was feeling at the time. I have continued along that path over the years and fully enjoyed sharing bits and pieces with you along the way. At this moment in time, I see that my blog will continue much of the same. Sometimes it will be about jewelry and how my life revolves around the business of jewelry and at other times, it’ll be about life…here and in general.

That being said, I hope you will continue with me along my path – I love to know that you are following and picking up bits and pieces of who I am and how it all comes together in my jewelry. I also like to think that perhaps one of you might be feeling the same way about life, in general, and that it just might help a bit knowing that you are not alone. I do believe that life is an interesting and incredible journey. As I’ve grown taller (well okay…older, much, much older) I understand that in life, it is the journey that counts and not the destination. So that being said, I love that all of this technology lets me share life with all of you. Thanks for coming along with me…it’s a fun adventure!

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