Thursday, September 26, 2013

And, it’s Officially Fall!

Earlier this week I actually felt a chill in the air and as I pulled clothes from my closet for the day I automatically reached for my Donna Karan cashmere sweater. Over the years, this sweater has become the clothes equivalent of comfort food for me. There is nothing special about it really, just easy to wear, comfy, soft and over-sized – a deep charcoal gray. Last night I realized that I have had this sweater for about 17 years!

Now, that was a good investment based on the cost-per-wear equation; but much more importantly is the weird sense of comfort it gives me which, if this were a MasterCard spot, would be (say it with me)…priceless. I do have a tendency to hang on to the old which really isn’t a bad thing, unless, of course, it’s old beaux then not so good. Maybe that is why I am a bit of oddball when it comes to adding lots of disposable clothing or accessories to my closet -- I simply don't do it much. Yes, I am “fast-fashion’s” worst nightmare!

When I sat down to write this post, my original intention was to create a little ditty about Pantone and the Fall 2013 colors and how the colors equate to some of the gemstones in my jewelry – but as seems to be the norm with me, I took a different path and here we are – talking about clothes and jewelry that make us feel good and last for years. So, a bit of a ramble I suppose. However, Tuesday I did layer up the green aventurine, pearl and prehnite bracelet shown above while wearing my favorite sweater. The original sample of this bracelet, which is the one I wear, was made about ten years ago and today it looks as wonderful as it did then. It’s a classic, of sorts; and the soothing color of aventurine (let’s see Pantone is calling it Deep Lichen Green – how’s that for a tie-in?) has long been a favorite. Prehnite is a magical gemstone with bits and bobs of dark dendrite running through it. If I was to align its color with a Pantone color it would be Linden – yes, it would be Linden Green. In my mind, all variations of green are neutrals and can be worn with all colors so the cost-per-wearing over the years declines – which is a good thing, right?

While looking at the Pantone Fall 2013 color forecast, I decided that Mykonos Blue is just a fancy name for sodalite. Oh, and certain pieces of sodalite lean toward the Acai shade. Agree? And, Koi is the commercial color code for carnelian, which actually comes in a range of vivid orange-red. Yes, I understand that there is a good chance that my blog will never become a great “commercial” success because my editing filter seems to have gone missing. In my defense, I spent many years of my life creating content in which I had to hit key messaging points every damn time out; and the constant curtailing of my natural thought process made me cuckoo. So, now that I am free to follow my natural stream of thought, I just go with the flow, as they say. I wonder if James Joyce would be proud of me these days? And, with that…I’ll see you next week, or sooner – whenever the whim hits, I’ll be here. I do hope you will take some time to shop around my site, as there are lots of natural beauties to be seen. Meanwhile, I hope that your fall is off to a dandy start and I see pumpkin-picking in your future! (Sorry, that pumpkin-picking thing just slipped out before I could stop it!) Finally, I would love to know if you have clothes that are you're "comfort foods."

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