Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashion, Trend & a bit of a Throwback Thursday

“Trends are in and out in a flash; fashion comes and goes; but style always stays.” Not quite sure where I heard that and I know I have probably really made a mash of it – even so, it is a good and true comment, at least for me. With all the energy around New York Fashion Week it’s hard to avoid the buzz.

Popping in and out of Twitter as I do I have kept up with a few of my favorite bloggers and designers and was even able to catch a few “live” shows via the Internet. Isn’t all this techno stuff just grand? For the 10 years I lived in New York, I loved how the normally high energy in the city was kicked up several notches during Fashion Week. It seemed the fashion folk were abuzz with everything new and exciting and it was fun to be a part of it even if I wasn’t sitting at the cool girls’ table!

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to muck out a storage unit that has been filled with my stuff for 10 years – I got the unit at the time I moved to this part of the country and just haven’t had the heart to really go through its contents. I know, silly me…but there is so much of what was my life in New York housed in that space I’m not sure I really want to admit that my time living in NYC is definitely a thing of my past. (Someone call the shrink, please!) Anyhow, while I was milling around in there I came across some old portfolios from my early, early, early modeling days. I had been thinking that those books got tossed in a long ago move; but I was wrong! 

I’ve had fun looking at the shots from the 60s. One belief I have always held is that we develop our personal style pretty early on in life. For me, as soon as I was able to express my dislike for lace and ruffles, my mom started making me clothes that were much more “me.” And, then, once I was old enough to draw what I wanted, I was assured that everything I wore was “me.” So even back then, my style was pretty much set.

This was a test shot taken by the most wonderful young photographer (Mervyn Lew) who had a studio in Silver Lake (near Los Angeles). I remember that he had the most glorious wood propeller from a small airplane in the office area of the studio. I thought that was so cool then and still love the idea now. Anyhow, we did a lot of indoor and outdoor shots – and the one above was a fav. I think it captures the essence of who I was at the age of 16 when I wasn’t at the beach! What you can’t tell is that the dress I am wearing has very clean lines along with a tailored nipped waist, very Grace Kelly a la Hitchcock – the cotton fabric was warm brown and black and we finished it with white piping at the armholes and neck – adding just the right touch. Back in 1965 – if memory serves me correctly (but don’t bet the bank on my memory, please) the brown and black combo was a bit of a trend; and in my strange little world then and now, the black/brown combo was and is a classic that I still love. I wear it in clothes today and I use the combo frequently in my jewelry designs. The patterned agate and onyx and the brown and black mother-of-pearl bracelets are just two of many that play off the combo. 

To round back to my original thinking, all those years ago I was pretty solid in my personal style – and if you got a peek into my closets today; you’d see that my style really hasn’t changed much. I think I feel comfortable with the lack of any severe change; but there are times I wonder if I am stuck in a rut or really just strong about my style. I wonder – do you have a personal style? And, if you do, how has it changed over the years? I’d love to know how you feel about it all.

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