Thursday, October 31, 2013

34 Degrees? Hooray -- Cozy Sweater Weather!

Sing along with me..."it's the most wonderful time of the year" – yes, I know those lyrics were actually penned for Christmas – but I’m singing them today because I love the crisp cold sunny mornings and clear-sky twinkling star evenings of fall. Such a rebel, me! 

It’s time to change out the closets and bring my sweaters to the front of the line. It's true, I do have quite a collection of sweaters. Not a brag really, I don’t go out and buy new ones each year – but because I do prefer to go for quality when buying a sweater, they just seem to last a very long time. You know my philosophy about disposable clothing so I won't bore you with that again. Does it make me a snob? Gosh, I hope not. I just like what I like.

The pix of me here is a nod to Throwback Thursday…again. On a shoot in 1965 in the hills of Irvine in SoCal…long before Irvine was developed and all that property was still owned by the family of the famous rancher, James Irvine. Sadly, I no longer have that mohair sweater with its comfy oversized collar or those pants (maybe not so sad about the pants!). Yes, they were knit stirrup pants…a popular look in the 60s. While I don’t have that particular sweater any longer, I do have and wear a few of my sweaters from long ago – especially those I knit. I think I will do a few Outfit of the Day posts on Instagram and showcase a few favs from the bunch. I think my love for oversized cozy sweaters is one of the many reasons I love oversized jewelry -- bigger bracelets and necklaces don’t get lost in the varying textures of the sweaters. It’s always fun for me when I see a gemstone twinkling on my wrist, hidden just a bit by the sleeve of a sweater. Am I just totally odd?

If you haven’t already done so, this might be the season to move out of your comfort zone and bump up the size of a few pieces of jewelry in your collection. I posted a few ideas here to get you started. Why not experiment with layering your smaller pieces in with the larger pieces? Heck, I even do it -- fashion trendsetter that I am...not! 

Personally, I love jewelry that moves and tells a story with the sounds it makes. I’m not a fan of the stiff platter style bracelets and necklaces with all their set in crystals that couldn't move if they wanted to – anything tight around my wrist will last about two minutes. So, while I do load them on, every one of the bracelets has to twist and turn on my wrist. This goes for necklaces as well – I’m afraid you’ll never see me in a choker style; but you will find me in layers of loose-fitting jangly styles year-round. 

In jewelry, it’s the movement I love, the refraction of light bouncing around in the gemstones and the way all of the stones play together in unexpected ways. Just makes me happy; and, I design in hopes of letting you know that joy too. Curious -- do you change out your jewelry with the seasons and what do you love most about the jewelry you wear this time of year?