Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Something Old & Something Square?

It still amazes me when a complete stranger offers to buy a piece of jewelry right from my wrist or neck. You’d think that after all these years it would feel like old hat since that is pretty much how my biz started way back in 1967. (For you youngsters, that is what they call the dark ages!) Yesterday it happened again.

While I am thrilled to make a sale out of the blue, it has always been a bit of a challenge primarily because today most people don’t walk around carrying tons of cash. The advent of debit and credit cards has pretty much ended that practice all together. (Honestly, I just flashed to my dad telling me as a teen to always have a dime so, if needed, I could call home! A dime…ten cents.) And, reminiscing over, now reeling myself in to the task at hand – a few months ago Square appeared on the market and lo and behold it has been the perfect addition to the way I do business. And, no this is not a sponsored post…it’s just one of those times when you find a good thing and you want to share it with others; so that is what I’m doing. Square lets me process client debit and credit cards on my iPhone or iPad  – in its mysterious little way. Clients can pay me on the spot, receive a receipt via text or email, go about their business sporting a new piece of jewelry and everyone is happy! More techno-stuff that continues to amaze.

This morning when I pulled one of my vintage men’s sport coats from the closet I had a vision of me becoming the 2013 version of the “wanna buy a watch guy.” Not sure any of you are old enough to even know what that means; but hopefully you will get the idea from the pix. The sport coat in these pix has been a favorite of mine for years and as you can see it is quite a bit oversized. I think I bought it in the early years of my NYC adventure before my coats had been shipped from NoCal. It is Curlee brand, which was made in the USA in the 1960s. The wool and the tailoring on the coat are exquisite and I don’t think I stepped over my then $5.00 limit when I got it. The colors are quite soft – gray and a muted mauve – unusual colors for a man’s coat at that time, I think. I love layering it with a hooded sweater or sweatshirt worn underneath. While I don’t live in a walking city any longer – there are times when I am walking outside for a bit longer than the time it takes to get from the car to the building, a fact that calls for some kind of protection from the chill. Lucky me, today was one of those days. I wore the coat over a soft charcoal gray sweater that is tunic length and stacked lots of silver gray mother-of-pearl from my collection along with a Judith Ripka bangle and earrings. I love the combo of the unexpected…today it all came together in a way that just says “me” and makes me happy!
As a bit of a side note, I do apologize for the quality or lack of in the photos. I grabbed shots on the run with my iPhone never thinking to actually dust the mirror before taking the snaps. Living in the country, one must dust continually to keep such things from happening. Silly me.