Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inspiration: Craftsmanship, Heritage & Detail

I drive past this house a couple times a week while doing errands. Today I decided to stop for a few minutes, take a few snaps with the iPhone to share with you, and then go about my business. What I didn’t plan on was my getting lost in the glorious details in every square inch of this Queen Anne Victorian home. 

As I walked around the building, trying not to be distracted by the barking dog at a neighboring house (was there a strong fence between us?), I was taken back to another time; a time when craftsman worked as apprentices for years to hone their “craft.” In those days, craft was not created by machines; it was created by skilled hands and with heart. The millwork on the house alone must have taken months even years to design and create. I am sure that the craftsmanship in such a splendid home was honestly appreciated by not only those who lived within and outside its walls; but by the people who have passed the house every day since 1892.
Where does all of this fit in with jewelry? Easy peasy – it all comes down to crafting a lot of little pieces which, when put together in just the right way, yield a treasure – one to be admired by both the wearer and observer. I like to think that of each of the pieces in my jewelry line represent my overall respect for craftsmanship, heritage and detail. While not all components are made by hand these days, I do strive to create final designs that are unique – not run-of-the-mill. Each piece is truly a one-, two- or at most five-of-a-kind limited edition – you won’t see thousands of any one piece hanging on a rack or being sold on TV. I appreciate that my long time clients understand my work – it is the thing that keeps them coming back again and again. They want their jewelry to be as unique and stunning as they are and that makes me very happy.
I do hope that you’ll take some time to window shop at my site/shop. You can look for as long as you want and I promise that I won’t spray you with cologne while you are there! Also, I do not launch by season or do seasonal collections. I release as the inspiration hits. This non-seasonal nature means that you will have, wear and enjoy the pieces you add to your collection for years to come – never looking off-trend or out of season. How about that?
If you’d like, you can learn more about the man behind the lovely Settlemier House here – he has a pretty interesting story. Luckily, the home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and in 1972 the French Prairie Historical Society was formed to help ensure the preservation of this exquisite building and all it has come to represent. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the man, the home and the jewelry.