Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Beauty Gem - Nails

 Orly Bonder & Gemstones

Alert the media – polished nails are back in my life! When I stepped away from working in the agency arena about seven or eight years ago – my long time relationship with polished finger nails came to an end. Not because my love of polished nails had left the building with me; but the time I spent working with gemstones, wire and tools expanded greatly. Unfortunately, all that time in the studio took its toll on my nail polish and I finally gave up the battle. I would rather have nice looking natural nails than icky chipped semi-polished ones. So…I opted for natural.

Drum roll please…thanks to missglamorazzi of YouTube fame (yes I am a self-professed granny YouYube subscriber!), about four weeks ago I discovered Orly® Bonder® Rubberized Basecoat. I waited to share the news with you…just to be sure it was, indeed, good news. I didn’t want to use anything that would negatively affect the health and overall integrity of my nails and I wanted it to be easy to remove. Bingo! This seems to be a winner.

I use one coat of the Bonder and let it dry for about two to three minutes. It gets dull as it dries. I then apply two coats of my colored polish, wait two to three minutes and then apply my all time fav Seche Vite™ top coat. Then I let it all dry as normal. This pix was taken six days post polish. The polished look I so love is back and that makes me happy! Now, any advice for treating the really, really, really dry cuticles that come from working with gemstones all day long?

For the record -- this is not a sponsored post -- clearly!

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