Thursday, May 08, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Glasses & Hair Take Two

I am in the process of mucking out my back office…again. It’s an ongoing process as I have no idea what to do with it or how I want it to be when all is said and done, so it seems as if I have spent the better part of the last six months moving stuff from one side to another and then back. It is fun though…I keep uncovering little treasures buried in baskets and boxes. Case in point, I found these pix from 1983 and 1984 most likely.

The long shot, in which I cropped my dance partner out of the pix (not sure why…he was a high school beau c. 1963 and sadly no longer with us…but if he was here I know he wouldn’t mind as he would have a good laugh about it all) was taken at a high school class reunion…not mine, but my sister-in-law’s who graduated in 1964. My third thought when I saw the pix was “Meg Ryan called…she wants her hair back!” I’ll keep my first and second thoughts to myself for now. On closer look, I see the Fiorucci glasses that I highlighted in an earlier post (Harry Potter Called…He Wants His Glasses Back!) – so those glasses are at least thirty years old! Boy, everything about the pix says 80s, doesn’t it?

The Hawaii snap, also cropping out an old beau (no not the same one) was probably taken in 1983 or so. While I have no recollection of exact dates, I can kind of put it all together and give a good ol’ ball park guess. Yes, those are glasses hanging from that snazzy shirt in which I am sure there are shoulder pads. Those specs are among the missing; but you never know when they will pop back into the picture.

Man, humidity makes for some curly hair doesn’t it. I have such a short do these days; I forget how much hair I have when it gets longer. Curly, frizzy and crazy – I never ever had control of my hair, it’s a good thing I wasn’t one of those “every hair in its place kind of gals” – unless it was the 60s and pix were being taken. Then come on AquaNet and keep those hairs in place! Do they still make AquaNet hairspray – boy, put enough of that on your hair and you could bounce a ball off of it! No need to wear a helmet while skateboarding (not that we wore helmets in those fact, that could explain a lot!)

I’ll get back to mucking now – excited to see what other treasures I uncover. Curious…do you find hidden treasures when you are cleaning out spaces you use every day? Do you have any recommendations for getting my office together, organized and functional at the same time? Blogs, sites, pinterest – any help will be gratefully appreciated! I certainly need it.

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