Sunday, June 01, 2014

Fanfare Please: Fluorite, Crystal Quartz & Pearls

 Fluorite & Aquamarine Gemstone Five-Strand Necklace

I have fluorite on the brain! Maybe because I.m longing for the sea – oh, that sounds so dramatic doesn’t it? Well, I am always longing for the ocean even after all the years of not living by it…since I can’t be there right now, I take solace in designing with fluorite. If you haven’t seen this gemstone in person, boy, are you in for a treat. When I work with fluorite, I always think of the waters in the Caribbean – not the shallow parts you see from the shore and wiggle your toes in; but the aqua-green-blue colors you see when you are out sailing, diving or snorkeling and stare into the depths. One of the reasons I love working with beads is that they allow light to pass through the stone and in fluorite the result mimics the sunlight dancing off the sea.

 Fluorite & Crystal Quartz Gemstone Silver Potato Chip Bracelet

My best source for fluorite is a vendor I see in Tucson every year – beautiful, polished, big nuggets that really show off the glorious natural colors. I say colors because I love the blue-green variety that comes in a range of color from lighter to deeper. While I have seen purple fluorite I have never designed with it mainly because the range of purple doesn’t really excite me. Of course, that could change tomorrow – but until then I’ll stick to the blue-green variety. I also get fluorite rough beads from this vendor and use them in designs as the whim hits. The rough cut gives a completely different look and feel but it is the same wonderful gemstone. Personally I love both looks. Surprised? Not really.

 Fluorite - Rough & Poliished, Crystal Quartz Gemstone & Pearl Necklace

Not only is it beautiful, green fluorite is thought to balance love, acceptance and forgiveness and the aqua-teal fluorite stones are thought to remove guilt and increase playfulness. Wow, that’s a lot of responsibility for a gemstone, don’t you think? But, I’ll take it all. I usually toss crystal quartz gemstones in with the fluorite stones – for some reason, when they are together they just feel “right” to me. What exactly does that mean? No clue, but I know that the combination gives me a sense of calm and a peaceful feeling; and that’s what I am hoping for you when you wear the fluorite pieces.

Not to be overlooked, I have read that clear crystal quartz, which I use a lot in all my designs, helps clear your mind of all worries and anxieties. Oh, I’m going to drape myself in strands of the gemstone right now! Crystal quartz reminds you to be fully in the moment and stay focused. I always like to think of the power of the crystal ball – myth or not, it still gives me something to ponder. I will say this, no matter what you believe about the power of gemstones there is no denying that fluorite and crystal quartz are a couple of the prettiest of Mother Nature’s gifts. The fact that the gemstones come from the ground this way – no treatment other than cutting and polishing – isn’t that amazing?

 Fluorite Gemstone & Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Cube Earrings

While it sounds a bit odd, I have had people offer to buy these fluorite pieces right off my wrist or from around my neck. Luckily, technology being what it is today, I usually oblige, whip out my iPhone, process a sale through Square, give the piece a nice little clean up with the polishing cloth I carry in my bag and off it goes to a new home. So, my advice to you – be ready to answer questions…people will ask; but not to fear, you won’t have to sell the jewels right off your body! Well, unless you want to! And, who knows who you might meet all because you choose a fluorite beauty to top off your outfit of the day! Oh, that sounds exciting now, doesn’t it?

 Fluorite Gemstone & Pearl Bracelet Plays with Fluorite Stackable Bangle

P.S. – If you aren’t familiar with Couture 2014 I suggest you hop on instagram and check out #couture2014.I love this jewelry event as it is the greatest display of unusual, top of the line, fabulous gemstone jewelry – not your everyday ho-hum stuff – but pieces that are built around the most unusual gemstones and rocks found on the planet! And, most are one-of-a-kinds, making them even more precious. Couture 2014 is the place where buyers from Neiman Marcus, Stanley Korshak, Bergdorfs and othe swish retailers shop for exquisite one-off designs. 

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